vulnerable objects- sketches

Project 2017- Master


Inspired by the Finnish architect Juhani Palasma and his seminal book “The eyes of the skin” in which he critical analyses the causes of star architecture and Ocular centrism. The term “Ocular centrism” describes, “A perceptual and epistemological bias ranking vision over other senses in Western cultures. An example would be a preference for the written word rather than the spoken word.” (Oxford lexica)

Palasma suggests that, “The fact that (...)the surface of popular taste and values seems to be due to its one-sided intellectual and visual emphasis; mo- dernist design (...) has housed the intellect and the eye, but it has left the body and the other senses, as well as our memories, imagination and dreams, homeless.” (S.19, The Eyes of the Skin by Juhani Palasmaa)I am convinced that Ocular centrism and its causes are expanding, caused by the increasing time all of us are spending in short distance to a screen.


Therefore one of the most relevant questions of future design for me is, how to create objects for all human senses in a digitalised world?

Consequently the idea for my master project is inspired by the idea of the concept of sensual

aesthetic by Palasma and a quote of my favourite writers, Susan Sontag.

The fascination with fragmented object in relation

to our own vulnerable body image is therefore an interesting starting point for my master thesis. A project with the aim to develop fragments created by an interest in what is imagined but unseen, imagined but unfelt, imagined but untouched. Objects which are enhancing the relationship between vulnerable self and vulnerable object by inviting the user to experience it with all of their senses.