Katharina Ruhm
Katharina Ruhm

column-weird sample

sample- was study to develop a shelve system with glass columns

sample for project column

note: weird object. not sure what to do with it 🙂

about the project column (2017):

‘column’ is a nod to the tradition of glassblowing and underlines the potential of that proficiency through its unique manufacturing process. Founded on the consideration of the relevance of crafts in an industrialised society, it embraces the quality of forming one of a kind objects. It was produced in the glass manufactory Harzkristall in Derenburg, Germany, where I had the opportunity to work directly with the craftsman Peter Kuchinke to develop a new process of forming glass with a flexible mould. His knowledge of the material and techniques helped me to rethink the process and apply a new procedure to form glass. ´column´is an object which can only be produced through the experienced hands of a craftsman.



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