studio katharina ruhm
studio katharina ruhm

fault and folds- blob

Opaque glass (cone 15)

The project `folds and faults` is a series that evaluates the meaning of faults, flaws, and inaccuracies in objects. Against the backdrop of a flawless hegemony of industrially produced items, each object is exploring different faults and their influence on its aesthetic value.

Each object is made out of single puddles of porcelain. The silhouette and surface are therefore mainly formed by the material itself.
To create a three dimensional tension within the material the only allowed intervention were two triangular cuts. The cuts were folded back together to provoke self forming processes within the object.
The results are unique specimens formed by the material itself, the forces of the kiln and two intentional cuts.

Tip: Can be used as a cheese plate
Tip2: You can put your keys on top so you find it Mo-Sun


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300 g
16 × 14 × 4 cm