studio katharina ruhm
studio katharina ruhm

sample piece- Portal to past care

, With my work, I want to find a new and less restrained way of working with porcelain.

A way that is still based on a specific intuition for the material’s behavior which you achieve by practice.

Liquid Porcelain is mostly used to be poured into restrained molds to produce specific results. The unique thing about my production technique is that I experiment with porcelain as a casting slip without using these defined molds. Therefore a large part of the composition is created by the behavior of the material itself which unfolds during the process.

The application of porcelain in manufactories is designed to avoid deformation during the drying process. Because the effects on the shape are difficult to control. But that is precisely what I find exciting. The imperfection or the unique self-sufficient deformations of the material itself.


Nicht vorrätig

250 g
34 × 20 × 0,3 cm