Katharina Ruhm
Katharina Ruhm

soylent green

Soylent green is an edition of 19 unique glass vases. 

The vases are produced within a flexible mould. This intern allows for a production process that merges traditional craftsmanship of glass making with an innovative production technique. The highly flexible mould allows these objects to be manufactured in series that reflects the many nuances in the natural behaviour of the formed glass.

The design of the glass bodies is not entirely controlled by the glass maker, nor is it fully controlled by the mould. It is a correspondence between craftsman and the movement of the melted glass. Through that innovative process the glass itself becomes an autark formbgeber.

In this respect all of the glass bodies can be seen as unique specimens; frozen snapshots of the ability of this synthetic material to become an autark formgeber.

Soylent green is produced in collaboration with highly trained, traditional glass makers at Niessenglas in Switzerland. The edition is an example for the highest quality of material and craftsmanship.



soylent green

vase edition 2021

soylent red

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1 kg
18 × 11 × 28 cm